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What does workers comp cover in FL

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover in Florida?

Workplace incidents do happen, but fortunately there’s a way to protect your team. Workers’ compensation insurance helps provide essential coverage for employees and business owners alike. A Florida independent insurance agent can help you find the right policy for your business, but first, here’s a guide to workers’ comp.

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How to find the best annuities - FL

How to Find the Best Annuities in Florida

While many folks opt for lump-sum payout life insurance policies, this route isn’t right for everyone and some prefer the benefits offered by annuities. A Florida independent insurance agent can help you choose the right type of annuity for your needs. But first, here’s a closer look at what they’re all about.

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What does life insurance cover in FL

Life Insurance: What Florida Residents Need to Know

Though impossible to distribute your wealth according to your wishes from the afterlife, fortunately there’s a way to get these plans squared away before that time comes. Life insurance allows you and your family to rest easy, and a Florida independent insurance agent can get you set up. Here’s a guide to life insurance.

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What does professional liability insurance cover in FL

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover in Florida?

Professional liability insurance is very complex. An independent insurance agent in Florida can make sure your professional liability insurance policy is tailored to the risks you face, and can examine your entire business insurance program to recommend top-quality, comprehensive coverage. 

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How to insure an anesthesiologist

How to Insure an Anesthesiologist in Florida

The majority of anesthesiologists in Florida are also business owners, and running your practice can take away from your focus on patient care. With the right insurance for your Florida anesthesiology practice, you can protect your personal assets and your practice if something goes wrong.

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